Saturday November 18th, 2023


Concert in the Lap of Nature – Sivistyskampus in Siuntio at 2 p.m.

Performers are the Helsinki Strings conducted by Kasmir Uusitupa. The concert is particularly suitable for families. Children under 16 years old have free admission to the concert. We will also introduce the instruments a bit and share stories about composers, compositions, and, of course, get to know young musicians!

The program includes many well-known compositions arranged for a string orchestra. One such example is Mozart’s one of the most famous works and its allegro part from A Little Night Music, as well as Barber’s Adagio (composed in 1936), which has been heard when reporting the deaths of many prominent figures, such as Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, or Princess Diana.

Hungarian composer and pianist Béla Bartók (1881-1945) is particularly renowned as an ethnomusicologist. He collected East European folk music, which also influenced his own compositions. In his stage music, he was able to promote his humane values. Bartók condemned Nazism and therefore fled from Hungary to the United States, where he died of leukemia.

Samuel Barber (1910-1981) was an American composer, conductor, baritone, and educator. Due to his background as a singer, his compositions for voice and choir were particularly emphasized. Barber received several significant awards during his lifetime and worked to promote the status of composers and musicians, as well as contributing to the advancement of art music within UNESCO.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) lived only to the age of 35, yet he is considered one of the greatest names in classical music. As a child, he performed as a pianist at various European courts and began composing at the age of 4.

Mozart composed symphonies, operas, concertos, chamber music, and church music. Born in Salzburg, Austria, Mozart has not only inspired composers throughout the ages but also filmmakers and cartoonists – and the chocolate confections named after him taste delicious!

Andrea Tarrodi (1981-) is a Swedish composer who represents a bridge to contemporary music in the concert. The works of this young female composer have been widely performed, and she has, among other things, served as a composer in residence at Swedish Radio. More information about Tarrodi can be found at

The British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) was influenced by folk music, similar to Bartók, in his compositions. Vaughan Williams is also considered one of the great symphonists of the 20th century, alongside Sibelius and Prokofiev.


Jean Sibelius, arrangement for string orchestra by Frank Reinisch:


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

Eine kleine Nachtmusik KV 525 I. Allegro

Andrea Tarrodi:

Paradise Birds I for string orchestra

Samuel Barber:

Adagio for strings

Ralph Vaughan Williams:

Fantasia on Thomas Tallis’s Theme

Béla Bartók, arrangement for string orchestra by Arthur Willner:

Romanian Dances

The length of the concert 1 h, no intermission.

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Game changing -concert Sivistyskampus Siuntion Sydän at 6 o´clock p.m.

Tuomo&Markus and their concert’s program consists of songs from the duo’s albums Dead Circles and Game Changing.

While the lyrics on the first album Dead Circles were mostly introspective, on the new Game Changing they make observations about the world at large – climate change, social media and it’s effects on polarisation, modern warfare and immigration.

In this concert the programme will consist of songs from both albums, performed as they were originally written, with a guitar, piano and two voices.

The length of the concert 1 h, no intermission.

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