The composition comes true when the audience can hear it!


Lux Musicae’s artistic director Helena Juntunen and composer Tomi Räisänen discussed Räisänen’s work Tele, which will be heard on Friday 19 November. at 7 pm in St. Peter’s Church in Siuntio.

The audience is important to Tomi Räisänen. Of course, the composers have different views on this as well. “When I started composing, the audience wasn’t considered to matter so much. The composition itself was the number one. I have always had a different idea. I compose so that I think I’m in the audience. What matters to me is how the musicians react, how the audience reacts, ”he says.

The upcoming Lux Musicae will present not only four premieres – a breathtaking achievement from a small association – first as a composition competition and now also as premierers – but also old music. Meditative and empowering concert experiences are soon here!

Tickets and Siuntio Library. 25 euros for church concerts and 10 euros for a children’s opera from the family.