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22. Lux Musicae festival is over. Four premieres: Tommi Räisänen´s work Tele which is about the Covid-19 era, Meditation Lux composed by Peter Grans and dedicated Siuntio Church, Sami Klemola´s Lux in Umbra and Paavo Korpijaakko‘s Cats go Grazy on the Moonshine! The compositions are our gift to the 560-year-old Siuntio. Two premieres are expected to be heard in 2022, works by Niels Burgmann and Teemu Halmkrona.

Thanks to the great musicians of the Lohja City Orchestra and the orchestra’s artistic director Jukka Untamala! Thanks to the brilliant Helena Juntunen, the artistic director of Lux Musicae, thanks for the story of Vickan and Väinö as well as the loveletters of Sibelius – and his music.

Thank you audience that you came!

Yle’s both TV and radio news covered Lux ​​Musicae. Attached is a link to online news!