Song competition winner is Elias Hilden!


A delightful number of works arrived in the Siuntio 560 composition competition.

The jury made a few remarks about the creative worlds of the works: Various imaginative texture, echoes of silence, sensitivity of nature experiences, bold expressive power, movement on stage, imaginative, colorful use of micro-intervals, intentional fragmentation, cleverly created space for instruments..

Musician and producer Jonas W. Karlsson judged the song series with jazz pianist Teuvo Ryynänen. The jury chose 17-year-old Elias Hilden’s work “Siuntioon” as the winner.

Karlsson described the winning work as appealing, with a Finnish soul feel.

– The song Siuntioon was absolute music of good mood. The composition and production seemed very intact. The work had good flow, vocal sound and rhymes. In the lyric, a really good mood in general. As a whole, very functional, says Jonas.

The second prize went to 16-year-old Vellamo Kyhälä for the song “In the middle of concrete houses”. Jonas said that the work was a great composition and the text was touching.

– Although the production has been stripped, the song is very versatile. Vellamo’s delicate vocal sound and beautiful piano arrangement work really well together.

“A Beautiful Place” by 12-year-old Eeva Jaghlassian from Siuntio receeived the third prize. According to Jonas, the song had an organic, light and authentic feeling.

– Eve’s singing sound is captivating.