Sibelius´love of nature


Teuvo Ryynänen, who taught at the Sibelius Academy and, like many Finnish musicians, has done research on Sibelius, opened up a world in various ways in his lecture: Sibelius´love of nature. Swans held a special place in his heart. They were almost the only early childhood memory Sibelius had: he had looked at a book with swans in his father’s arms. Sibelius’s father died when Janne was two years old.

It was also interesting to hear that Sibelius did not want to explain his music. It should be experienced. A perfect poem could not be turned into music because it would then have done injustice to different art forms. Literature is literature, poetry is poetry, and music is music.

During the lecture, Sibelius’s piano pieces were also played by Johannes Karhapää. The last one was “The Spruce,” which will also be heard on Friday, November 17th, at 7 pm in Siuntio Church.

Pianist Janne Mertanen has put together a beautiful and sensitive concert of Finnish piano music for the Lux Musica opening concert, where Pankakoski rushes, the forest hums in the music, and the sunset paints the sky in a dazzling painting.