Saturday, Nov. 20th, 2021


Siuntio Church 6 o´clock pm

Earth and the Moon – Terra e Luna

Composers of the concert: Sami Klemola (premiere), Paavo Korpijaakko (premiere) Ralph Vaughan Williams and Franz Schubert.

Paavo Korpijaakko describes his second-prize-winning work, Cats Go Crazy On The Moonshine, as follows: The idea came from Pertti Lahti‘s great song Cats on the Moonlight. “For some reason, it started ringing at night in March in my mind. The song begins with a verse The shiny moon shines, the cats open their mouths and they sleep, it’s March. As the words spun, the shine and moon swapped places and I thought that if the cats growled in the moonlight, how would it go wild if they got liquor? A word play in my mind, I arranged a slightly different song for the cats: a day-long bakkanal where they drink, dance, suffer from the noise, and finally everyone rushes to the last drop.”

Sami Klemola says about his work: “Lux in Umbra is a meditative, stagnant soundtrack. The slow-moving piece provides space for breathing and listening to tonal colors. When composing the work, I had in my mind the Renaissance painting technique, chiaroscuro.” In art it is the use of contrasts of light to achieve a sense of volume in modelling three-dimensional objects and figures.

Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) is one of the most famous British symphonists. He is known as a masterful mediator of various emotional states. Like Gustav Holst, his musical production has been influenced by folk songs. He actively collected them in the early 20th century. The Quintet in D major is a bright and slightly sprawling work by a young 26-year-old composer, inspired by Brahms ’chamber music. The work was first performed in 1901 and since then it has been forgotten for almost a hundred years. It was re-performed in 2001. Since then, the quintet has been played alongside the UK around the world.

Franz Schubert (1797-1828) is considered an early romantic composer. He died at a very young age but has left a great legacy as a composer of many kinds of music. He especially developed German solo singing, lied. Der Hirt auf dem Felsen is lied to soprano, clarinet and piano, which he composed in the last months of his life. It has three parts. In the first part, the shepherd listens to echoes from the mountaintop with warm feelings. The second section grows dark as he expresses grief and loneliness. The short last section anticipates the coming of spring and, with it, rebirth.


Sami Klemola: Lux in Umbra

Mari Kunnari flute, Keijo Silventoinen oboe, Kimmo Leppälä clarinet, Jukka Untamala violin, Jukka Tyrväinen cello

Paavo Korpijaakko: Cats go Crazy on the Moonshine

Mari Kunnari flute, Kimmo Leppälä clarinet, Tuomas Harri French horn, Jukka Untamala violin, Jukka Tyrväinen cello

Ralph Vaughan-Williams: Quintet in D major

Kimmo Leppälä clarinet, Tuomas Harri French horn, Jukka Untamala violin, Jukka Tyrväinen cello, Fanny Söderström piano

Franz Schubert: Der Hirt auf dem Felsen

Helena Juntunen soprano, Kimmo Leppälä clarinet , Fanny Söderström piano

No intermission, the concert lasts about an hour.

25 €