Saturday 18.11.2017 Sjundby Castle 7 o´clock


Sat 18.11.2017 Sjundby Castle 7 o´clock

Maidens in the Castle

Kaisa Kortelainen, flute

Lily-Marlene Puusepp, harp

Kaisa Kortelainen is a very talented musician, playing flute. She started her studies at Pielinen-Karjala music school, later continued her studies in Sibelius Academy as a student of the professor Mikael Helasvuo. She even made her degree in Paris Concervatory.

Lily-Marlen Puusepp‘s instrument is a harp. Harpist Marjatta Haahti was her teacher at Sibelius Academy. She graduated from the Academy 2005 and held her first concert 2006. She plays all kind of harps.


The program consists of pieces of Debussy, Lizotte, Sciarrino, Berio, Satie, Heinonen and Takemitsu.