Paavo Korpijaakko


Paavo Korpijaakko (b. 1977) works not only as a composer but also as a teacher of composition and in the organizations of various festivals such as the Savonlinna Opera Festival and the Tampere Guitar Festivals.

Korpijaakko’s production comprises more than 60 opuses, e.g. Keihäitä (Spears) for baritone, choir and orchestra and operas like Oikeusjuttu (Trial) ja Maailmanloppua paossa (Escaping the end of the world). A duet for guitar and bass clarinet is currently underway, as well as the operaIhmisiä suviyössä (People in the Summer Night). Korpijaakko is interested in hiking in nature, literature and visual arts, from which he draws musical ideas – quite amusing, too.