Maria Kalaniemi/Eero Grundström


Folk music united by the sea

Maria Kalaniemi (born 1964) is one of Finland’s leading contemporary accordionists. She studied at Sibelius Academy and made her doctoral thesis on folk music in 2009, in where she teaches now, too.

Technically brilliant as a player, and adept at improvisation, she is also a very powerful, intuitive and sensitive composer, with pieces that stylistically touch in numerous areas but feature her own personality as the driving force. Melody is the meaning of her music and therefore listeners are sure to feel her message deeply.

Kalaniemi has released many albums with many ensembles including the international accordion collective Accordion Tribe. She has toured and performed throughout Europe, USA, Canada and Japan.

Eero Grundström (born 1976) is a Finnish musician, composer and music teacher. He received a master’s degree from the Department of Folk Music of the Sibelius Academy in the spring of 2008. He is known for fiddler music, free improvisation but also for street playing troubadour.

Along with the harmonica, piano and electric instruments, his own instrument is actually harmonium. Grundström is a flammable and passionate player who collaborates with several bands.

The concert will be held at Siuntio Church on Sunday 10.1.2021 at 4 o´clock pm.

The concert is cancelled because of the corona virus.