Kimmo Hakola


Kimmo Hakola is a Finnish composer and musical influencer. He first started studying composition privately under Einojuhani Rautavaara and later continued at the Sibelius Academy with Magnus Lindberg and Eero Hämeenniemi as his teachers.

Hakola is a very prolific composer. He has composed several concertos, including a piano concerto (1996), a clarinet concerto (2001) and a violin concerto (2012). Hakola has also composed three string quartets, several other works for ensembles, choir and solo instruments, as well as operas. Among the vocal works, Lux Musicae’s commissioned piece Kivi-laulut (2007) must be mentioned, which have become Finnish cultural heritage.

In the years 1999–2006, Hakola was the artistic director of Helsinki’s Musica Nova contemporary music festival and Lux ​​Musicae from 2015 to 2018. Kimmo Hakola’s music has been recorded on the Ondine and Innova labels.