Kaija Saarikettu


Kaija Saarikettu´s remarkable career had its flying start with xuccess in violin competition. She has performed extensively in her own concerts, as a soloist in orchestras and as a chamber musician in most European countries, the United States, Japan and Russia.

Interest in the music of our time and collaboration with composers has given birth to a large number of works written specifically for her. Kaija Saarikettu has premiered and recorded several violin concertos as well as solo violin and chamber music compositions, most recently the recording of Paavo Heininen’s violin sonatas (Alba) with pianist Juhani Lagerspetz.

Kaija Saarikettu works as a teacher at the Sibelius Academy 1995–2021 as professor of violin music. In recent years, in addition to her soloist career, she has also become known as a conductor and composer. In addition to numerous expert tasks, she has worked e.g. as the artistic director of chamber music festivals and on the juries of violin competitions.

Saarikettu is also a board member of the Siuntio Soi – Musik i Sjundeå association.