Conductor Janne Nisonen in co-operation with Lohja City Orchestra


L’Histoire du soldat

The Russian composer Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) spent his childhood in St. Petersburg. Initially, he studied law but nevertheless began studying music in 1902 as a student of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. He left Russia for Paris in 1910. In 1939 he moved to the United States. Stravinsky visited Finland in 1961 and gave even a concert in the Soviet Union the following year.

Stravinsky became known to Sergei Djagilev’s ballet group for his compositions Firebird, Petrushka and the Rite of Spring. L’Histoire du soldat, the story of the soldier, on the other hand, was completed in 1918. It dates back to the turn of Stravinsky’s Russian and neoclassical periods.

Stravinsky’s incredibly multi-faceted production tends to be divided into three periods, the Russian, the Neoclassical, and the Late Period. Although the seasons varied, the enduring qualities of Stravinsky’s music were modern and challenged romantic ideals. New features were the central role of rhythm and dancing; stylization and distancing. His style does not develop the theme of his music but changes the form with its discontinuities and cuts.

Stravinsky was a masterful musician. He favored an extremely clear and sharp, ball sound as in the Soldier’s story. L’Histoire du soldat arose from the horrors of World War I, which deeply shocked Stravinsky. The composer wanted to influence people with his music, but he also needed words for it. The musical play was composed, the libretto of which was written by C.F. Ramuz.

L’Histoire du soldat is realized in co-operation with the musicians of the Lohja City Orchestra. The work is directed by Janne Nisonen. Nisonen started studying violin at the age of 4 in Kokkola. He has studied orchestral conducting with Hannu Lintu and Atso Almila. He has been the chief conductor of the Pori Sinfonietta and has conducted many Finnish orchestras from Avanti! to the Radio Symphony Orchestra.

The concert will be held at Siuntio Church on Saturday 9.1. 2021 at 6 o´clock pm. You are welcome to joint to virtual concert