Two premieres at Lux Musicae!


A musical journey in the darkness of November to Siuntio would not be complete without new music. Under the leadership of Kasmir Uusitupa, a young virtuoso who is honing his skills as a conductor, the experts of Finnish chamber music perform Teemu Halmkrona’s Seasons of Siuntio. Niels Burgmann’s work, A light Exists in Spring, is the other premiere. The works of the Siuntio 560 composition competition will be heard on Sunday, November 20. at a concert starting at 16 o’clock in Sivistykampus Siuntion sydän (Puistopolku 2).

Organist Niels Burgmann is a versatile musician. A light exists in spring was inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem of the same name. The work especially reflects its verse: “It waits on the lawn, it shows the farthest tree, on the farthest slope you know, it almost speaks to you”.

The piece is for clarinet, cello and harp. Each instrument has its own role, although they mix and also talk to each other, describes Burgmann. The work won the third prize in the Siuntio 560 composition competition.

Teemu Halmkrona is a Finnish musician, keyboard player, composer and music teacher. Halmkrona has been particularly successful with his works for jazz ensembles, which have been performed by, among others, the UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra and the Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra.

Halmkrona says that he visited Siuntio several times in his youth. Nature and especially its abundant bird life remained in his memories. “These two became my main points of departure when I started composing this piece. Thanks to the theme of the seasons, I was able to include in the piece the sounds of the birds that appear in Siuntio according to the cycle of the year, and to build a strong dramatic arc for the piece from autumn to the summer of the following year… I hope that the listener will get strongly involved in the nature experience offered by the seasons of Siuntio on an emotional level!”

The jury of the composition competition was also convinced of Halmkrona’s work The Seasons of Siuntio and recommended its performance.