Päivi Arjas is the new executive director of Lux Musicae!


Siuntio Soi – Musik i Sjundeå association’s annual meeting has elected Arja Alho as the chairman of the association. At the board’s constitutive meeting, Kirsi Laento was elected as vice chairman, Veli Vanhanen as secretary, Jaakko Saloniemi as treasurer, Nicholas Anderson as responsible for fundraising, and Teuvo Ryynänen, Kaija Saarikettu, and Teppo Koivisto as other board members. Päivi Arjas has started as the new executive director.

The association is preparing for the 25th anniversary of Lux Musicae. The festival will take place on November 14-17th 2024. The theme is “From the Depth of My Heart – Sydämeni kyllyydestä”. The anniversary year kicks off on Siuntio Day on June 8!