November – a new dawn!


It is time to wrap up in blanket, light the candles.
I hope we can surround you with live music.
I hope we can warm your minds and make them glow again after lockdowns
and virtual life.
I hope we can surround you with waves of sound
I hope we can provide you a safe haven to listen and feel.
I hope you will join us, be with us, be part of us.

We miss you.
We miss you as our live audience.
We miss you as living, breathing friends.
We miss music that reaches us without amplifiers or networks.
We miss music whose strength is built-in.
We miss even the coughs between the songs – they are a real part of the
common experience.
We miss your presence, something I will never take for granted again.

This year, Lux Musicae offers a combination of new and old music. Tomi
Räisanen’s Tele deals with the first shocks of Covid -19, in spring
2020. Other premieres, the winning works of our composition contest, seek
peace and hope.

In Sibelius’s letters, we meet a person who lives, loves, is in the present.
The same feelings can be found in Sibelius’ songs. Life, its ups and downs,
and love.

This is my first season as an artistic director of Lux Musicae. Let me
introduce myself by telling you the motto of my life:

Art makes life better than art.

Welcome to our concerts!
With my best regards,
Helena Juntunen

Helena Juntunen