Minä elän – jag lever!


The national writer Aleksis Kivi was born in Nurmijärvi and died in Tusby at the age of 38. The exclamation “Minä elän” (“I live”) were Kivi’s last words.

Kivi’s literary and entire creative output is connected to Siuntio. He moved to the county after his university studies and lived for seven years in Siuntios Fanjunkars, where Charlotta Lönnqvist became Kivi’s benefactor. Kivi, who was sick and always short of money, could write his masterpieces in Fanjunkars in peace and quiet, but also take care of his soul through fishing and hunting.

23. Lux Musicae remembers Aleksis Kivi in ​​its programme, but above all Charlotta Lönnqvist. The villain in Einojuhani Rautavaara’s Aleksis Kivi opera (November 18th at 7 p.m.) is Tommi Korpela in the role of August Ahlqvist. The opera ensemble consists of high-class artists, i.e. Ville Rusanen and Helena Juntunen.

Ahlqvist often criticized Kivi’s work, and even a few years after Kivi’s death, Ahlqvist wrote a mocking poem about Kivi in ​​which he was accused of being a crazy boozer. This “crazy boozer” has left us a rich legacy, which we can experience in our relationship with nature, but also as part of the richness of our language.

In the Kaukametsä haamottaa concert (November 20th at 4 p.m.), Maria Lindén talks about an extraordinary woman of her time, Siuntio’s Charlotta Lönnqvist. At the same time, the repertoire compiled by Kaija Saarikettu gives voice to the female composers of the time. New and old music meet when the rest of the prize-winning works in the composition competition Lux Musicae are heard at the concert.

Kantele master Maija Kauhanen renews our sleepy perception of the kantele’s potential as an instrument. Kauhanen, who is internationally successful and has made major recordings, gives a Kantele klang-themed concert (November 19th at 6 p.m.).

Juha Hurme, the award-winning theater and literary multi-talent, sings songs based on Kivi’s texts (November 20th at 2 pm) in the intimate atmosphere of Fanjunkars. “Vuoret roikkaa, metsä kaikaa ja taivaassa ollaan äänettä hetki aikaa” concert offers everything that a man can offer from his passion to art!

Lux Musicae also organizes events for children and young people. Stories with animal themes and children’s musical performances (November 19 at 2 p.m.) can be heard when Siuntios municipal council chairman Merja Laaksonen invites us to a story time, and the little musicians from Siuntuios music association perform.