Friday, Nov. 19th, 2021


Siuntio Church 7 o´clock pm

Peace in our time

Composers of the concert are Gustav Holst, Peter Grans (premiere), Nino Rota and Tomi Räisänen (premiere of the winner composition of the Siuntio 560 composition contest).

Tomi Räisänen describes his work as follows: “Tele, composed for a band of seven players and for television, is strongly associated with the Covid-19 era. Due to the pandemic, social contacts are regulated and restricted, travel has stalled, teleworking has replaced work with face-to-face, and schooling has turned into distance learning.

In my composition, spatiality plays an important role; musicians move and turn continuously. As with ever-changing Covid-19 restrictions, the number of musicians playing together on stage varies. Like intermittent video conferencing with lack of eye contact causes distortions and inaccuracies in musical communication; playing together becomes cumbersome and shattered in places into aleatory fragments. ”

Peter Grans has dedicated the work to the Church of St. Peter in Siuntio, build in 1460. “Throughout its history, people have seen both adversity (shadows) and good times (light). Between the parts is a traditional song – a hymn(cantilena), which may have brought comfort even in difficult times. ”

Gustav Holst (1874-1934) was an English composer, arranger and teacher. He is best known for the orchestral series Planets. Holst was particularly interested in folk songs. He was fascinated by their simplicity and unpretentious expression. Vaughan Williams (it is possible to hear his music on Saturday) was very impressed about Holst’s music and its straightforwardness: “He (Holst) was not afraid to be obvious if the situation required it, nor was he hesitant to be distant when it expressed its purpose.”

Nino Rota (1911-1979) is best known for his film music (especially Fellini, Visconti, and Coppola) but as a composer, pianist, and conductor, his musical output was much broader. It includes piano, vocal and chamber music, operas and symphonies.


Gustav Holst: A Series of three songs

Helena Juntunen soprano and Tero Latvala violin

Peter Grans: Meditation Lux (Varjoja/Shadows, Cantilena, Valoa/Light)

Mari Kunnari flute, Kimmo Leppälä clarinet, Tuomas Harri French horn, Tero Latvala violin, Jukka Tyrväinen cello, Pauliina Kallio harp

Nino Rota: Sonata for flute and harp

Mari Kunnari flute, Pauliina Kallio, harp

Tomi Räisänen: Tele (I. Scope, II. Commuting, III. Path, IV. Tubby, V. Vision, VI. Metric, VII. Port, VIII. Shopping ja IX. Kinesis)

Mari Kunnari flute, Keijo Silventoinen oboe, Kimmo Leppälä clarinet, Tuomas Harri French horn, Tero Latvala violin, Jukka Tyrväinen cello, Pauliina Kallio, harp

As a conductor Jukka Untamala and the musicians of the Lohja City Orchestra

No intermission, the concert lasts about an hour