24th Lux Musicae Festival with theme: “Listen: nature speaks – Lyssna: naturen andas!”


The 24th Lux Musicae Festival draws inspiration from our important connection with nature throughout history to the present. We want to hear, see, and experience nature and the entire universe while also understanding our responsibility in preserving biodiversity and protecting the environment. Therefore, we ask: Listen: nature speaks!

Did you know that even birds have different dialects in their songs? Ivar Hortling most likely knew. Linguist and ornithologist Hortling spent his summers in Siuntio from the early 1900s onwards. He was also involved in founding the Hembygdens vänner association in Siuntio. Our cultural history and Hortling’s significance in it deserve to be recognized and kept alive as a shared, cross-generational memory.

Kaija Saarikettu has conducted research and discovered Ivar Hortling’s notes on his bird observations. Hortling also wrote numerous bird guides and works on bird songs, nesting, and migration.

In the concert on November 19th 4 o´clock p.m. in honor of Hortling, we will hear soprano and cellist Piia Komsi, known for her virtuoso coloratura, performing not only music inspired by birds but also songs composed by Kimmo Hakola specifically for Komsi and Lux Musicae, giving a glimpse of the upcoming commissioned work. Komsi’s collaboration with pianist Ilmo Ranta is sure to be breathtakingly beautiful!

The serene landscape visible from the large windows of Villa Miina will serve as the stage for the earlier concert on the same Sunday 2 o´clock p.m. Lux Musicae is pleased to introduce Lux Ensemble to our festival guests, performing Kimmo Hakola’s meditative work, Nature: trees. Kimmo Hakola, a former artistic director of Lux Musicae, is an important composer for the festival.

The 24th Lux Musicae concerts explore our relationship with nature from various perspectives. Pianist Janne Mertanen will evoke the lightness of Finnish piano music. His concert brings together the most beautiful works in Finnish piano music, where nature breathes. The opening concert is on Friday 7 o´clock p.m. in Siuntio´s beautiful church.

Tuomo&Markus take a stand for the environment and nature while presenting their fresh album, ‘Game Changing.’ Their style can be described americana folk-rock with elements from indie-rock, soul-music, prog-psychedelia and experimental jazz. The concert will take place on Saturday, 6 o´clock p.m.

Young musicians in the Helsinki Strings (Juniorijouset) take a journey in nature. The conductor of the orchestra is the young and talented Kasmir Uusitupa.

Listen: nature speaks is complemented by a photo exhibition (Eero Hauta-aho), lectures (Torsten Stjernberg who will speak about Hortling and birds), and kicks off on Siuntio Day (30.9.) when we took a break by the spring with Bellman. The chair of our association Teuvo Ryynänen had a lecture on Sibelius and his relation with nature the evening before. Johannes Karhapää played the musical samples.

Welcome to Lux Musicae in the November weather! We offer the light, unity, and warmth of music – experiences worth having!