Tarmo Peltokoski


Young and talented Tarmo Peltokoski (born 2000) is interested in composing, conducting as well as to develope his career as a pianist. He has been a member of Piano Academy for Youngsters since it was established. Tarmo has participated already several piano contests with success. His interpretation of Sunken, composed by Minna Leinonen, was rewarded in Tampere Piano Competition 2017.

Programme of Tarmo Peltokoski

Leoš Janáček  Pianosonaatti I. X. 1905 (1905)

  1. Předtucha (Aavistus, enne) – Con moto
  2. Smrt (Kuolema) -Adagio

Minna Leinonen Sunken (2016)

Franz Liszt Pianosonaatti, h-molli S. 178  (1853)




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