Sufira is established 2014. The band is specialized in medieval and modern music. In the beginning of the year 2018 the first album of Sufira will be released.

Sufira includes following musicians:Sofia Lindroos, soprano and recorder, Eira Karlson, mezzosoprano and vielle, and
Susanna Tollet, alto and recorder.

Sufira’s aim is to create a domain of interesting musical dialogue in which old and modern,  meditative and expressice will have a concersation. Lux Musicae will introduce an example of this unique dialogue with three songs composed by Matei Gheorgius (born 1984).

The composer himself explains:

“Le fume de melodie” is a suite written for Sufira. The idea of this piece is to have it’s movements serve as bridges between various piece written in the ars subtilior style. The movements are thought as both serving as bridges but also as a unified piece that can be played on its own. The title is a combination of elements coming from two other
famous pieces written in the old style: “le feumeax fume” and “la harpe de melodie”. The texts of the movements are taken from different pieces that are written in this style, thus creating a blurry and reinterpreted vision of their meaning. The piece is not written in the art subtilor style, nor does it import themes or motives from other
pieces. It rather evokes various elements of the ars subtilior style and other archaic styles of the middle ages. The suite makes use of both thevocal ranges of the singers and the usage of the extra instruments:
recorders and fiddle.


Le fume de melodie (serie)

Matei Gheorghiu: Chanson 1

Jacob de Senleches: La harpe de mellodie

Matei Gheorghiu: Chanson 2

Solage: En l’amoureux vergier

Matei Gheorghiu: Chanson 3

Solage: Fumeux fume



Baude Cordier: Belle, bonne, sage

Paolo da Firenze: La vaga luce

John Dunstable

Speciosa facta est

Quam pulchra es

Piae cantiones:

Jucundare jugiter

Divinum mysterium

Llibre Vermell:

O virgo splendens

Mariam matrem

The duration of the concert 1 h 30 min

Tickets also available Siuntio Library, Siuntio Bad (Cumulus Resort). With ticket to concert Rest in Music free entrance.

Tickets at the door, too!