Anton Mejias


An­ton Me­jias ( born 2001) started to play piano when he was 5 years old. His first teacher was Meri Louhos who is known in Finland as an excellent pedagogue. He continued his studies at Sibelius Academy. Mejias has an oppurtunity to study at Rimski-Korsakov Academy in St. Petersburg, too.

Anton Mejias was rewarded in his own age group in Steinway Piano Festival in Finland and he even represented Finland in international Steinway Piano Festival in Hamburg. This young and talented pianist is interested in composing, too.

Anton Mejias’s programme:


Johannes Brahms Drei Intermezzi Op. 117

  1. Andante moderato (Es-duuri)
  2. Andante non troppo e con molto espressione (b-molli)
  3. Andante con moto (cis-molli)

Maurice Ravel  Gaspard de la nuit:

  1. Ondine. Lent (Cis-duuri)
  2. Le Gibet. Très lent (es-molli)
  3. Scarbo. Modéré (H-duuri)

The duration of the concert (both Peltokoski and Mejias)  1 h 45 min


Also available in Siuntio Library, Siuntio Bad (Cumulus Resort).

Tickets at the door, too!